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San Pedro church

Item: 1102
San Pedro de la Nave, Spain - C. VII

Scale: 1/80
Approx. Nº of pieces: 2.600
Difficulty degree: 5/10
Sizes (Mm.): 250 x 288 x 110


San Pedro de la nave


The monument and its history

The church of San Pedro de la Nave is on the outskirts of Zamora, Castilla León, Spain.
This Visigoth-style church, in the valley of the River Esla, was moved to El Campillo in 1930, 3 kilometres away from its original placement which was flooded due to the construction of a reservoir.
Its exterior is very simple and rigorously geometrical: the ground plan of three naves is characterised by the independent and lower roofs in the side naves. The cross-aisle seems to be projected by the addition of two vestibules to the north and south.
The construction is of good quality masonry, and the exact date of construction is not known, but must have been either before 711 or between 893 and 907, since its presence is documented in the latter date and in the period between 711 and 893 the area was under Muslim rule. The doors are very simple, with rounded Moorish arches and without sculptural decoration.
The side vestibules, covered with wooden roofs, had lofts at the top. In the cross-aisle there are four columns that have no architectural role and it is thought that their use is due to a change of direction in the constructive system.
On the inside, which measures 19.75 x 16 metres, one should note the fact that the side naves are not open to the arms of the cross-aisle, with only a window connecting them.


San Pedro de la Nave