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Enamelled tiles - Tesserae

Aedes Ars is one of the main Spanish manufacturers of glazed tiles for mosaics, hobby and decoration.

Through this page you can take a look over the different sizes we normally have in stock; These are squared 5 x 5 Mm., 10 x 10 Mm. and 20 x 20 Mm. tiles in 3 Mm. thickness and also the new 70 x 30 Mm. bands in 1.5 Mm. thickness that we call "Easy Mosaic" because they're including diverse slots to divide them easily and to work them practically without using tools.

All these tiles are available in a wide colour range, and are provided in diverse formats and quantities.
On request we can also manufacture tiles on special sizes, shapes and colours.

Teselas esmaltadas mosaico

5 x 5 Mm. Mosaic tiles:
Teselas tesserae 5 x 5 Mm.

10 x 10 Mm. Mosaic tiles:
Teselas tesserae 10 x 10 Mm.

20 x 20 Mm. Mosaic tiles:
Teselas tesserae 20 x 20 Mm.

Easy Mosaic:
Easy Mosaic - Mosaico facil ceramica

Special tiles:
Teselas en colores y medidas especiales