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Vilac church

Item: 1103
Vilac, Spain - C. XII

Scale: 1/100
Approx. Nº of pieces: 3.500
Difficulty degree: 7/10
Sizes (Mm.): 215 x 460 x 280


Esglesia de Vilac


The monument and its history

The church of Sant Feliu de Vilac is an extraordinary building, the result of several constructive periods. It fully preserves a large part of the early construction, specifically the central body where the naves are built. In the current building one can clearly distinguish the part corresponding to the Romanesque construction, formed by a basilica section of three naves separated by arches and conserved to this day. In contrast, the head of the church has been substantially altered. The bell tower, built in the Gothic period, is raised in the form of a very solid tower at the end of the building, over the central nave. The building's state of preservation is excellent.
One of the most outstanding aspects of the construction is the doorway where the structural simplicity and compositional coarseness are combined with a moderate ornamental lavishness.
The only clue that helps in dating the construction of this church is the similarity that it has with the nearby churches of Taüll; with this in mind we can safely state that work began on the church of Sant Feliu de Vilac at the end of the first quarter of the 12th century.


Esglesia de Vilac